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Anti-Reflection Lenses

Did you know that a normal lens only allows 92% of light to pass through it?

The high quality Multi Anti-Reflection lenses used at MATHESON OPTOMETRISTS reduce reflected light from 8% to around 0.2% which means your vision is clearer and objects are sharper, so you have more natural vision and your eyes are under less strain.

That's why you are far less likely to be distracted by the fuzziness around car headlights that can blur your vision. So driving at night is much safer. You'll also see better when working at a computer screen, watching television, playing sport or reading in bright light.

Having taken this much care with your eyesight we want your lenses to last a long time. We protect the lenses with a hard coat and a water-repellent coating to minimise the effects of minor scratches and your lenses will also be easier to clean. Simply follow the advice of our optician and your lenses will continue to look good and last longer.

Night Driving

Ordinary uncoated lenses will not reduce the dazzle and glare normally experienced from viewing headlights and street lamps. Multi Anti-Reflection lenses make driving at night more comfortable.

Outdoor Use

Annoying reflections from sunlight can be tiring. Multi Anti-Reflection lenses can alleviate this.

At Home

Watching TV or reading in low light conditions can strain the eyes. Multi Anti-Reflection lenses will optimise the available light.

Cosmetic Appearance - You Look So Much Better

With Multi Anti-Reflection lenses people will notice your eyes - not the reflections from your lenses. When you can talk to people let them see you as you really are; you will improve your appearance and look totally natural in photographs.

Office Use

VDU's, fluorescent lights, reflections from windows all add up to glare which is an additional strain on your eyes. Relieve the strain with Multi Anti-Reflection lenses.

If you wear spectacles you'll know how light can reflect off your lenses. When it does it can be really annoying.

You want to enhance your appearance rather than allow reflections to detract from it. You also want to see everything clearly but reflections take away some of the natural light that you need. Not any more.

Multi Anti-Reflection lenses from MATHESON OPTOMETRISTS make reflections a thing of the past. Think how much better you'll look. Think how much easier you'll find it to see in poor light or when driving at night.

These are just some of the differences they can make to the way you live your life.

Anti reflective treatments are very beneficial on lenses for any use and for people of any age. For this reason, on the continent, lenses are rarely dispensed without Anti- Reflective properties.

DuraVision® DriveSafe by ZEISS.

The challenge
Glare describes the difficulty of seeing in bright light, such as direct sunlight or artificial light. Market research and scientific evidence both indicate that perceived glare in traffic is linked in particular to LED and Xenon HID light sources as used in modern car lighting technology. Intense glare can be a risk, as it reduces the visibility of objects and sensitivity of the eye to contrast. Glare also can be subjectively perceived as discomfort and irritation.

ZEISS vision science researchers carried out glare experiments. These formed the basis of internal studiesft using different anti reflective simulations. Scientific evidence shows that the blueish, high-energy part of the visible spectrum (in particular in the 440–470 nm range) using LED or Xenon H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) technology is linked to a glare effect perceived by drivers.

DuraVision® DriveSafe Lenses by ZEISS partially reflects these wavelengths, which reduces perceived glare up to 64%** compared to premium AR lenses.


Without DuraVision® DriveSafe Coating With DuraVision® DriveSafe Coating: up to  64%** glare reduction




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If you already wear spectacles or are about to invest in your first pair you may consider "Reflection Free" lenses as an alternative to ordinary plastic or glass lenses. These eliminate virtually all the irritating reflections that appear on the front and back of the lens, so you're less likely to suffer eyestrain.

Almost all lens types can be supplied with a Multi Anti-Reflection treatment. At Matheson Optometrists we use several different high quality suppliers of anti reflective lenses to ensure that we can give you the best combination of lens and treatment. Our suppliers include Zeiss, Kodak, Essilor and Norville. Being an independent optometrists however, we can source lenses from pretty much any manufacturer.

The higher end anti reflective lenses now have hydrophobic properties (water repellant), are easy clean (similar to a non stick surface on a frying pan) and anti static so they don't attract dust. They are often multiple times more durable than cheaper anti reflective lenses and some purport to be as tough as glass.


Zeiss Duravision