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Spectacle Workshops


At Matheson Optometrists we believe in a quality, high speed service. 
All our Practices are equipped with state of the art computerised glazing laboratories and we hold a comprehensive range of single vision stock lenses including high index, photochromic and coated lenses. All practices also have and Essilor tracing equipment which allows us to order specialist lenses and negates the need for frames to be sent to the manufacturer.

Many of our patients can have their new spectacles in around an hour.
If you have broken your spectacles we can also help. We produce most single vision spectacles within an hour, repair broken spectacles and can even fit your own lenses into a new spectacle frame in an emergency.

How often have you visited you own Optician to be told that if you require lenses to your own frame you will have to be without your spectacles for a week or two?

At our Petersfield branch we have a Briot Alta robotic system with computerised rimless drilling capability.

At Matheson Optometrists we use a high tech scanning system by Essilor that allows us to order thin, cosmetically appealing lenses ready for your frames to be reglazed. This also alows us to manufacture high specification or more technical lenses without the need for spectacle frames to be sent away.

We advise you when your lenses are ready, arrange a convenient appointment for you to leave your spectacle frames and we will have them ready with new lenses in around an hour for you to collect.
What could be easier?