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Charges for Optometric Services at Matheson Optometrists
(as of 01/01/2017)

Andrew Matheson believes in using the best, most up-to-date technology to help detect eye conditions as early as possible. To make this happen we try and keep our charges for using this technology as low as reasonably possible. This is reflected in our private charge for providing an OCT Macula Scan of only £48.00.

Private Eye Examination


Missed Appointment Fee


Dry Eye Therapeutics Evaluation   


Dry Eye Follow Up


Initial Contact Lens Evaluation
(Reduced to £43 if contact lenses purchased at Matheson Optometrists)


Annual Contact Lens After-Care Examination 
(Reduced to £43 if contact lenses purchased at Matheson Optometrists) Free on Direct Debit Scheme


Repeat Clinical Field Test  


Private Visual Field Report


Ocular Photography (Reduced to £21.50 during an eye exam)


Punctal Plug Fitting


Chromagen Evaluation (Alresford Practice)                                                      
(For Colour Blindness - Additional to eye examination)


Dyslexic Rate of Reading Test (Coloured Overlay Assessment)


Pachymetry (ultrasound or OCT)


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Macula scan


Annual follow-up OCT


Child under 16/low income group OCT