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DuraVision® Silver by ZEISS
for clearer vision and better looks

DuraVision® Silver is part of the DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS and is characterised by outstanding anti-reflective properties.

Because spectacle wearers want both: to enjoy clear and comfortable vision and as well look good with their glasses, as nothing diverts attention away from their eyes.

Outstanding anti-reflective properties with DuraVision® Premium coatings
Most coated lenses in the market currently come with a green residual reflection. DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS have a light bluish residual reflection for:*

Clearer vision
Higher luminous transmittance for even clearer vision.**
Clearer vision
Cuts distracting reflections on the back surface by 20% for more comfortable, clearer vision.**
A better appearance
Reduces reflections on the front surface by 20% for a better appearance.**

* Depending on the lens material, measured on 1.5 (CR39) lenses with DuraVision® Platinum (internal testing)
** Comparison with standard green AR coated ZEISS lenses