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The ZEISS lens coating for crystal-clear vision

LotuTec® is the innovative ZEISS spectacle lens coating that helps you to enjoy clear vision at all times. The water and grease-repellent coating displays a strong beading effect that significantly simplifies cleaning.
The Super ET broadband anti-reflective coating eliminates irritating glare and reflections. The hard coating makes the lens surface tougher.


The Lotus Effect on LotuTec®

Without LotuTec


Without LotuTec®

As with some plant leaves, fluid and dirt particles gather on the surface of the lens.


With LotuTec®



With LotuTec®

As with lotus leaves, fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens thanks to the Clean Coat of LotuTec®.


More than good durability

LotuTec® sets pioneering standards in durability. Wearers will enjoy a totally new experience in wearing comfort - thanks to the lotus effect of Clean Coat.

Principle invented by nature

A principle of nature inspired us to invent the outstanding Clean Coat - the lotus effect.

Simply clean - simple to clean

Fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens. Cleaning and lens care are much easier if the lens does get dirty.