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Andrew Matheson
MSc FCOptom DipTp DipTpAS DipTpSP DipTpIP DipGlauc DipOC FAAO 

Andrew Matheson qualified in optometry in 1982. He is a fellow of the British College of Optometrists and the American Academy of Optometry and has the British College higher qualifications in Ocular Therapeutics, Glaucoma and Ocular Disease. He is a member of the American Society of Optometric Surgeons and has acreditation in Ocular surgery and Laser Surgery (ASOS).

He was the first optometrist in the UK to obtain the British College qualification in Ocular Therapeutics in 1999. In April 2006 he became one of the first Optometrists on the General Optical Councils Specialist Register as a Supplementary Prescriber and Additional Supply Optometrist. This greatly increases the range of disease that can be treated in primary care optometry. In 2010 He was one of the first wave of optometrists to gain full Independant Prescribing with the DipTpIP qualification. Independant Prescribing Optometrists can treat eye disease in their own rights, within their field of experience. This means often it is no longer necessary to refer a patient to a hospital eye department, but treat them instead within the community. He diagnoses and treats various eye conditions within various NHS emergency schemes such as MECS, ACES, PEARS and CUES. Not all GP catchment areas are covered yet but many more will be soon in the near future.


Andrew Matheson specialises in Anterior Eye therapy, in particular treating dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Blepharitis ans Anterior Uvietis or Iritis.  He first started in this field in the late 1980’s and has fitted punctal implants for over 20 years. He has a steady stream of patients from all parts of the UK and even some from further afield. He also has several other interests including ophthalmology co-management of ocular disease. He holds the DipGlauc qualification that allows him to independently manage glaucoma patients in a practice setting. He has training in IPL and RF treatment. Andrew woks on a sessional basis at a local eye department where he performs Laser Surgery.

He trains both with the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Optometry, Oaklahoma State University and the American society of Optometric Surgeons. He achieved American Academy of Optometry fellowship status in 1996. His MSc in Clinical Optometry was achieved with merit from City University in 2004. His MSc project for this study was entitled “Does the use of a Silicone Hydrogel bandage contact lens reduce corneal staining and subjective symptoms in a selected group of dry eye patients?"

He has lectured on a variety of subjects to varied audience including optometrists, general practitioners and other heath professionals. He has written a number of articles mainly on Ocular Therapeutics and Dry Eye Management, but also on ophthalmic instrumentation and surgical techniques.