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COVID Update and Practice Policy

Although COVID fatalities are much lower than in recent previous months, the disease is still quite prevalent in the UK and Hampshire particularly, as illustrated by government figures.

Although for most healthy, relatively young patients, the disease is much less severe, many of our patients are quite elderly and in vulnerable groups. In addition, many have very frail relatives at home who might suffer badly, possibly fatally if they were affected by COVID.

For these reasons, at Matheson Optometrists, we request that patients, especially those having clinical tests performed at close proximity such as in a consulting room, continue to practice good hand hygiene and wear a face mask when visiting.

Our staff will continue to do likewise and perform COVID self-testing regularly. Equipment is disinfected between patients.

We try to keep the number of people in our consulting rooms restricted to the patient and the examining optometrist for the same reason.


As always, we are continuing to provide EMERGENCY ACUTE EYECARE where possible through the NHS Minor Eyecare Schemes. These are known in different catchment areas as either CUES or MECS. Not all GP areas are currently covered but it is hoped that in the near future this will have even better coverage than the existing schemes and have improved investigation, treatment and referral options.
Andrew Matheson is an Independent Prescriber Specialist Therapeutic Optometrist, which means that most patients can be treated for eye emergencies at the time of their visit

It is probable that the number of Covid cases and fatalities will rise over the winter months.

Thank you for your understanding.

Andrew Matheson