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Essilor has marked a significant step forward in tinted lens technology. With Essilor Tints, wearers can now wear tinted spectacle lenses that allow them to perceive colours naturally.

They are just right for people with light sensitive eyes, ideal for driving as the colour perception of road signs remains unaltered, and are also perfect as sun lenses thanks to the UV protection they provide.

In fact, they give your patients comfortable and natural colour perception.

To help combat the effects of UV emissions, and comply with European CE Regulations, all darker tints in the Essilor Tint range (i.e.: Class 3 & 4) when applied to CR39/Orma 1.5 lenses require the addition of a UV inhibitor. All other plastic lens materials from Essilor inherently provide sufficient UV protection.

With Essilor Tints, wearers see colours exactly as they should be seen, in safety.

Benefits to the patients
 ? Colour perception is more natural
 ? Increased comfort through better colour reproduction of the environment
 ? Full UV protection for class 3 & 4 tints

Technical features
 ? 4 colours: Black, Brown, Grey and Grey-Green
 ? 6 full tints (82% LTF, 65% LTF, 38% LTF 25% LTF, 15% LTF and 5% LTF)
 ? 2 graduated tints (65% LTF and 15% LTF)