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Lentis Mplus Toric Intraocular Lens Implant

The best combination of two high-tech technologies in a single IOL: the innovative presbyopia correction of the patented LENTIS Mplus and the finest astigmatism correction provided by the LENTIS Tplus.


Next generation multifocal lens technology

Based on the refractive principle, the LENTIS Mplus Toric IOL stands out for an innovative sector-shaped near vision segment that offers great advantages to the patient. Reflections, image jumps and loss of contrast sensitivity occurring with the currently available 'ring' systems is now history. As often experienced side effects in twilight or central headlight glare conditions will be avoided.

Furthermore, the LENTIS Mplus Toric which is made of the well known HydroSmart acrylic material stands out from other MIOLs by offering pupil independence and aberration neutrality. The guaranteed addition of 3 diopters as well as an above average patient satisfaction is proving that this advanced technology is a true next generation MIOL.

Toric functionalities and simplified implantation technique

The LENTIS Mplus Toric is a complete tailor-made solution for those patients who suffer from both, prebyopia and corneal astigmatism. Thanks to its specifically designed optic, the toric MIOL corrects any form of corneal astigmatism and thus provides the patient with sharp and clear vision. As a result, orientation and implantation procedure is also noticeably simplified by the predefined inferior placement of the near vision segment and the customised torus. Furthermore the tried and tested plate haptic design ensures a very high degree of rotational stability.