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Colour Blindness


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Anomalous colour vision or "colour-blindness" affects over 3 million people in the UK (approx 3,000,000 males and 100,000 females.

The condition is usually passed down the maternal side of the family, normally only manefesting itself in a persentage of the male offspring, who themselves rarely have colour defective children.

The most common form of colour blindness is deutanomalous or deutanopia. This is known as green colour deficiency.

Until recently, there has been no effective treatment for colour vision deficiency, and patients have had to make adjustments in the real world, such as judging traffic lights by their relative position, rather than seeing the lights as different colours.

ChromoGen TM is a range of spectacle and contact lenses that have been developed to enhance colour perception and identification in people who have "colour blindness".

Andrew Matheson is one of approximately 30 eyecare practitioners who treat colour blindness with ChromoGen TM contact lenses and spectacles.

At present these trials are only conducted at the Alresford branch, usually on a Wednesday.

The charge for a ChromoGen TM trial in addition to a eye exam if deemed necessary, is £99.00

Please phone 01962 734382 or contact us by email to make an appointment.