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Eagle Vision Punctal Plugs

Matheson Optometrists supply various dry eye products to the Optometric and Ophthalmological professions. Eagle Vision Punctal Plugs are one such product.

Other dry eye products include Theratears eye drops, Eyes Pack hot/cold compress gel packs, Plano therapeutic bandage contact lenses and Ocumed tears among other products.

Long-term Relief with Punctal Plugs

There is a simple non-surgical procedure that provides long-term relief of Dry Eye that involves the use of permanent, yet removable plugs called punctal plugs.

There are a number of reasons why punctal plugs have become the most popular method of treating dry eye. They have a very high rate of success; and the optometrist can insert them easily and painlessly. They are also reversible if too much tearing is produced.

The idea behind punctal plugs is simple. Tiny, non-dissolvable plugs are inserted into your tear drainage ducts (puncta) where they act as a dam. Therefore, your precious tears have no other way place go except onto the surface of your eyes.

Diagram of the EAGLE-VISION Punctal Plug into the drainage system of the lower eyelid.


More than 300,000 dry eye sufferers have been successfully treated, through punctal and canalicular occlusion.

Here's how they work:-  By blocking the tear drains, more natural infection-fighting tears bathe and soothe the eye, which may eliminate the need for eye drops altogether. Punctal Plugs can also reduce or eliminate the major cause of contact lens discomfort.

Eye drops and artificial tears in general temporarily soothe the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. Sometimes, these solutions can actually wash away the natural infection-fighting tear film on the eye. Also most artificial tears contain preservatives which can disrupt the mucous layer of the tears, that is required to hold your natural tears in place on the eye.


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