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Jeff Gilbard MD



Jeff Gilbard MD, dry eye specialist, and inventor of the Theratears products, and director of Advanced Vision Research, will be speaking on Ocular Surface Disease

For those wishing only to hear Jeff's talk, it is being repeated at City University (Bath Street)

Jeff's talk will probably run for approx 1-1.5 hours. The other speakers will probably talk for about 30 - 40 minutes each

Advanced Vision Research, an industry leader in the research and development of ophthalmic products, has announced preservative-free TheraTears® Lubricant Eye Drops and TheraTears® Liquid Gel are now available in the UK through Matheson Optometrists Ltd, Alresford, Hampshire.

The TheraTears formula was developed by Jeffrey P. Gilbard, MD, an Ophthalmologist, in the clinics and laboratories of Harvard Medical School's Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. What began as a summer intern project, turned into an 18-year R & D program that resulted in an effective and patented formula for lubrication and relief from dryness.

"Irritation and dryness is a result of loss of water from the tears on the lens and eye surface," explained Dr. Gilbard, founder and president of Advanced Vision Research. "TheraTears restores the lost water so that it not only wets but rehydrates eyes and lenses. Unlike other products that simply lubricate the lens surface, TheraTears is an electrolyte solution specifically designed to protect and sustain. Its method of action is based on a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of ocular dryness, a profound understanding of why the eye and contact lens needs a tear film, and incontrovertible biological principles."

Growing clinical consensus, along with results from various controlled studies, indicates that TheraTears is sufficiently hypotonic to lower elevated tear film osmolarity and provide the electrolyte balance that matches the human tear film. This combination allows for natural lubrication and protection to proceed in contact lens wearers for greater comfort.

TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops have provided relief to millions of sufferers in North America.